the de Meij family

Events involving members of the family of Leeuwenhoek's first wife Barbra de Meij

June 6, 1622

in-laws Elias de Meij and Maria Virlin married

September 27, 1626

sister-in-law Maria de Meij (1626-1676) baptized in Nieuwe Kerk

December 20, 1629

wife Barbara de Meij (1629-1666) baptized in Nieuwe Kerk

October 20, 1633

father-in-law Elias de Meij made a will

May 8, 1646

father-in-law Elias de Meij buried in Nieuwe Kerk

October 5, 1646

mother-in-law Maria Virljn registered Elias de Meij's 1633 will

October 21, 1653

wife Barbara de Meij and sister-in-law Maria de Meij made a will

July 29, 1654

Married Barbara de Meij

February 2, 1655

wife Barbara de Meij revoked her pre-marital will

May 11, 1655

Inherited property on Oosteinde from first wife Barbara de Meij's family

October 23, 1662

Made will in which he and wife Barbara named each other universal heirs

July 14, 1666

wife Barbara de Meij buried in Oude Kerk

March 11, 1667

Presented will after wife Barbara's death

October 8, 1669

daughter Maria named in will of her aunt Maria de Meij

March 18, 1674

sister-in-law Maria de Meij married Pieter Schepens

December 21, 1674

Appointed to administer the affairs of sister-in-law Maria de Meij

December 22, 1674

sister-in-law Maria de Meij and Pieter Schepens granted a divorce

January 26, 1676

sister-in-law Maria de Meij buried

April 29, 1708

daughter Maria Thonis named to receive a bequest in the will of her Bisschop cousins

November 26, 1710

daughter Maria Thonis sold two little houses

January 26, 1714

daughter Maria received bequest from Bisschop estate

December 1, 1755

Josina van der Sprenkel sold the house on the Oosteinde that daughter Maria had bequeathed her