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What to call it? Dutch terms used on this web You will get only so far with Leeuwenhoek before you will have to learn Dutch. The secondary literature about his science is mostly in English. However, the secondary literature about his life and times and almost all of the primary sources are in Dutch. Some terms, due to cultural changes, don't have clear translations.
Dutch dictionaries The two major Dutch-English dictionaries of the time -- Hexham's in 1648 and Sewell's in 1735 -- bracket Leeuwenhoek's career.
Dutch language in the 17th century Antony van Leeuwenhoek wrote in what we now call Modern Dutch, so an understanding of today's Dutch lets you read most of the writing of Leeuwenhoek and his contemporaries.
Dutch language resources online Through the magic of the Internet, an enormous amount of reading and viewing material is available online in Dutch. Google is your best friend.
Dutch spelling Spelling the names of people and places on this web is the most significant area where a database's needs for regularity put pressure on historical accuracy. In addition, there are your needs for searching the contents of a database. As you'll see if you try to search the Delft property records at the Historisch GIS, it is very tedious to have to search for half a dozen variants for every person in each of the half a dozen likely sources. And what about the ones you don't imagine, such as Leeuwenhoek's father-in-law Elias de Meij, who sometimes spelled his first name Gillis?
How I'm learning Dutch A personal note If you learn as I learn -- by making mistakes, lots of them -- you might be interested to hear how I am learning Dutch. I love learning, but I don't like being taught. A formal course with class sessions and a teacher's syllabus and final exams is not for me. Class sessions are too short and too seldom. A teacher's syllabus is too rational; learning a language is emotional and benefits enormously from just-in-time learning. And the idea with a test is to not make mistakes. Is that worth measuring? In my experience, the best way to learn a language is to make all the mistakes I can. When I stop making mistakes, I'll stop learning.