de molijn

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Died Antony's

Anthonij Jans de Molijn

April 29, 1729 nephew, sister Margriete's son

Geertruijt Anthonijs de Molijn

nephew Anthonij's daughter

Geertruijt Jans de Molijn

September 2, 1736 neice, sister Margriete's daughter

Jacob Jans de Molijn

May 2, 1649 step-father

Jan Jacobs de Molijn

April 10, 1619 step-grandfather

Jan Jacobs de Molijn

December 8, 1691 brother-in-law and step-brother

Jan Jans de Molijn


Margrieta Jans de Molijn

neice, sister Margriete's daughter

Maria Anthonijs de Molijn

nephew Anthonij's daughter

Maria Jans de Molijn

May 9, 1678 neice, sister Margriete's daughter

Philips Jans de Molijn

nephew, sister Margriete's son

Pieter de Molijn