Anna Pieters Hogenhouck

great-grandmother Neeltje's nephew Abraham's granddaughter
Baptism date: 
November 11, 1655
Burial date: 
August 7, 1750

She and Leeuwenhoek had the same great-grandmother.

She and her husband George D' Acquet, son of Henry d'Acquet, was a doctor. They filed a pre-nuptial agreement (huwelijkse voorwaarden, literally: marriage conditions) on June 15, 1691.

They filed wills on June, 27,1696 and May 19, 1724.

She was a benefactress (weldoenster) of the Kamer van Charitaten, donating 1200 guilders on her death in 1750.

She and her husband owned C0037 and C0038 now on the west side of Oude Delft with the address Bagijnhof 31.