Anthonij Jans de Molijn

nephew, sister Margriete's son
Birth or Baptism date: 
June 18, 1656
Death or Burial date: 
April 29, 1729

Doctor and surgeon.

His uncle Antony van Leeuwenhoek, brother of his mother Grietgen, was a witness at his baptism.

He was educated in Paris in 1676 and 1680.

In 1681, he was painted by Cornelis de Man in the group portrait (detail below right) of those interested in anatomy along with his uncle Antony van Leeuwenhoek.

In 1686, he graduated as a doctor of medicine from Harderwijk University and returned to his hometown of Delft, where he worked as a doctor for the rest of his career. He lived on the east side of the Verwersdijk, just north of the Doelenplein. There are also records of an Anthonij Molijn on the Choorstraat and on the Voldersgracht.

He received a bequest in Leeuwenhoek's will, so he must have survived Leeuwenhoek's death in 1723.

Who was the Anthonij de Molijn a Medecinen Dr. living on the Papestraat who died on April 29, 1689, and buried a child ("baarkind")? (DTB inv. 44 , folio 270v)

Who was the Antonij de Molijn, living on Rietveld op Bagijnhof, who died on August 18, 1703? (DTB Delft inv. 46, fol. 112)

The burial record from April 16, 1729 (DTB Delft inv. 48 , folio 262) for Anthonij de Molijn lists him as living on Noordeijnde and having 5 adult children, which makes the burials of the other two people with his name unlikely to be the burial of Leeuwenhoek's nephew. Also, the burial record for Magtelda Poelgeest on May 15, 1720, notes that she was the housewife and not the widow of Anthonij de Molijn and was living on Verwersdijk.