Anthony van Leeuwenhoek de Delftsche natuuronderzoeker (1632-1723)

Bouricius, L. G. N.
De Fabrieksbode
Jaargang 44, No. 10 (7 Maart 1925).
Delft: Nederlandsche Gist- en Spiritusfabriek

The article was written by the Delft archivist in 1925, before much of the archival research of the 20th century had been done.

He had Leeuwenhoek's birth year as 1624, not 1632. He had daughter Maria's death year as 1744, not 1745.

He wrote that Leeuwenhoek regarded his city official's job as ""so well and with so much pleasure" (zoo goed en met zooveel pleizier). He did not give a source for this assertion. As far as I know, he never commented on his day job in any document that has survived.

At the end of the article, he noted that the then-new plaque dedicated to Leeuwenhoek on the fence of the Meisjehuis, corner of the Oude Delft and the Broterbrug, was not where Leeuwenhoek had lived, a block away and around the corner on the section of the Nieuwe Delft called Hippolytusbuurt.