Antony van Leeuwenhoek

Soutendam, J.
Eigen Haard
37: 308-312
Haarlem: NV Het Tijdschrift Eigen Haard

full text available online at Google Books.

Summary of what Delft archivist Soutendam had learned about Leeuwenhoek from the archives. It placed Leeuwenhoek's house on the corner of the Oude Delft and the Boterbrug (aan de O. zijde van het Oude Delft, aan de N.W. hoek van de Boterbrug Wijk IV 455) instead of on the Hippolytusbuurt where he really lived for almost seventy years. Soutendam even showed an engraving of the planetarium in the fence at the front door. A few years later, a plaque was mounted where the (wrong) house had stood. The plaque still exists, but was corrected: "at this place" was changed to "in this city".

The portrait below from the first page of the article is after Verkolje's portrait of 1686, as noted in the lower right.