Began attending school in Warmond

January 1, 1641

Leeuwenhoek's mother remarried on December 18, 1640. At some point around then, Leeuwenhoek began attending school in Warmond. Later, he apprenticed with uncle Cornelis Jacobs van den Berch, who lived in Benthuizen. In 1648, he began his apprenticeship in Amsterdam.

Boitet's short biography of Leeuwenhoek (Beschryving ch XIV p. 765) is the sole piece of evidence for any connection between Leeuwenhoek and Warmond. Van Seters' article Can Antoni van Leeuwenhoek have attended school at Warmond? uses circumstantial evidence to speculate that he did so for around five years, until 1646. If that's true, then he spent two years in Benthuizen before he began his apprenticeship in Amsterdam in 1648.