Bought neighboring property on Nieuwstraat

May 8, 1708

Bought neighboring property on Nieuwstraat C0151 with Carel Serval. sale letter 5r075 ORA Delft 5R, deel III, fol. 75. The article by van den Burg reports on documents from the Delft city archive (my translation):

Antoni Leeuwenhoek and Carel Serval together on May 8, 1708 buy from the heirs of Annetje Pieters van der Vis, widow of Pieter Jans Hofland, a house and yard on the north side of the Nieuwstraat in Delft, abutting on the east Pieter van der Wild and on the west said Carel Serval, stretching from the street to behind the property, previously having belonged to the widow of Mayor Joost van Lode Steijn and now belonging to Antoni said Leeuwenhoek. The purchase price is 550 guilders in cash.

Serval takes the front half with the house and its income. Leeuwenhoek takes the back half, which abuts the back of his property on the Hippolytusbuurt. Perhaps he wanted more garden space.

By 1717, Serval's section was in the possession of Drik van Rijck in what the records call "with Serval's portion".

The purchase price of a house and yard for 550 guilders in 1708 compared to an estate of 60,000 guilders two decades later suggests that van Leeuwenhoek was quite well-to-do by the end of his life.

Perceelnummers 1832 - 034C151
bron: 02 Ora 281-283: ca.1648 bladz.: 936v2
02    Pieter    Janszn.         Hoflant         4n284                         
03a    Anthonij              Leeuwenhoeck         5r075                         
03b    Carel              Serval         5r075                         
04    Dirck         van    Rijck         5r230v                        met het deel van Serval

ORA Delft inv. 281-283, fol. 936V2

ORA Delft 5R, deel III, fol. 75

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