Cornelis Philips Leeuwenhoek

Baptism DTB: 
Death or Burial date: 
November 20, 1616

Even though at the end of his life, Cornelis Philips lived in a house on the Oosteinde near the Leeuwenpoort, he did not use any last name, which was most common at the time.

basket maker

His baptism is put in 1558 because in an attestatie of 1590, he is described as being 32 years old.

When he married in 1615, he lived in D0508 now Oude Delft 97.

When he died eighteen months later, he was listed in the Oude Kerk's register as living on Oosteinde.

Property taxes

The 1620 tax (verponding) records on property (onroerend goed) show that Cornelis owned several houses, even though Cornelis had died in 1616.

Cornelis Phillips, basketmaker, assessment (aanslag) 25 stuivers for a house in kwatier 2 on the Huijch Andries poort, later the Cromhoutpoort (OAD inv. 1755, fol. 046v, post 4, volg. 1).

Cornelis must have had three other nearby properties, because the same assessment appears three times on the following page, folio 047r:

post 1, volg. 1

post 2, volg. 1

post 3, volg. 1

Later in the same volume, Cornelis is reported as having what must have been a larger property at a more prestigious address, the Oude Delft in kwartier 13, for which he paid 7 gulden (OAD inv. 1755, fol. 454v, post 2, volg. 1, see also: fol. 294v1).

Hearth taxes

Registers van het haardstedengeld, 1600 en 1638

OAD inv. 589

fol. 41v and 42, volg. 366, 367, 368, 369, as owner

fol. 354v, volg. 3145, as renter

Real estate transfer taxes

The Kamer van Charitate Delft (founded in 1597, where poor citizens could receive bread or peat)

KCD 365-371 Rekeningen van de heffing op het transport van onroerende zaken, 1597-1645 (account of the fee for transfer of real estate)

Description of the names of buyers and sellers of real estate and payment of the transfer taxes

fol. 008r2

Cornelis Phillipsz, basketmaker, paid 300 gulden when he bought a property outside the Ketelpoort

fol. 010r1

Cornelis Phillipsz, basketmaker, either sold a property in which he had 1/15 share or he sold his 1/15 share of the property

fol. 026r2

Cornelis Phillipsz, basketmaker, paid 75 gulden when he bought 1/8 of five houses/properties on the Verwersdijk "in een poort", which must be the Cromhoutspoort.

On the line above is the record that his brother Thonis Phillips bought 1/4 of the same five houses for 150 gulden.

731 Register van met renten belaste huizen van Delft,
z.d. [c. 1600-1650].
OAD inv. 731 Onroerend goed

folio 294v1 postnummer 1 volgnummer 1

Cornelis Phillips zn, mandenmaker