cousin Cornelia Abrahams Swalmius made a will

January 17, 1661

The Cornelia Swalmius who made this will was the cousin of the Cornelia Swalmius who married Leeuwenhoek ten years later. They were both daughters of the brothers Johannes Swalmius and Abraham Swalmius, who both had daughters named Cornelia, Catharina and Elisabeth. Thanks to Swalmius family genealogist Ann Kempen for clarifying this relationship.

people named in the will

Cornelia Swalmius, living in Ketel, testatrix

Abrahamus Swalmius  pastor, heir
Catharina Swalmius  bequest
Wilhelmus Cammius  pastor, Overschie
Pieter Couwenburch Swalmius  bequest and heir
Elisabet Swalmius  heir


Johan van Ruiven, notary inv. 1967A, fol. 108