daughter Maria named as heir in inventory of Bisschop estate

January 26, 1714

daughter Maria Thonis named as heir in inventory of estate of cousins Johannes Cornelis and Maria Cornelis Bisschop, whose mother was Elisabeth de Meij (-1671), Maria Thonis's great-aunt. Johannes Cornelis (1643-1714) was buried 1714 01/23 in Nieuwe Kerk, living on Oude Langedijk, corner of Burgwal, owned by their father Cornelis Cornelis Bisschop (-1691), coppersmith, at death noted as “den ouden” and “behind the Rode Leeuw brewery”. House name Sluijsje? Jan de Bries notary - see 1708 04/29


ONA Delft inv. 2407A, fol. 45v

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