Delft Collection (Collectie Delft)

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Collectie Delft

The most recent addition to the set of online resources being developed by the dedicated archivists at Gemeentarchief Delft. As shown on the screenshot below, it has a bibliogrphy of Willem van Orange and the short biographies from the Heraldisch Bureau Nagtegaal. The section most relevant to Leeuwenhoek is the Nadere toegangen, Further access. Bladeren door Bronnen = Browse Sources.

The Overzicht van archiefbestanden beschikbaar (Overview of the archive files available) lists the dozens of archive inventories in the database. Those relevant to Leeuwenhoek's life are listed below under Related sources in order of inventory number of the volumes. The search function queries the database for names as well as a variety of characteristics. Queries can be filtered by source and by date.

This resource replaced the Digitale Stamboom (digital family tree) in January 2016.