Edmund King replicated Leeuwenhoek's observations of little animals in pepper water

September 30, 1693

This is the publication date in Philosophical Transactions of a letter by Royal Society member Edmund King, titled "Several observations and experiments on the Animalcula, in Pepper-water, &c" He was able to observe microorganisms in infusions of grains and spices and the organisms he described were similar to those Leeuwenhoek described in his letters.

King's letter was read to the Royal Society at the meeting of 5 July 1693.

Sir Edmund King (c.1630–1709) was an English surgeon and physician and member of the Royal Society after 1666.


Early Letters K.7

Philosophical Transactions, vol. 17, no. 203, p. 861

Upon reading some Abstracts of Mr. Leeuwenhoek's Letters in the late Philosophical Transactions, I called to mind some Microscopical Experiments that I made too, concerning Animalcula, which I do not remember, have been publickly taken notice of; therefore in Obedience to your Commands, I have faithfully transcrib’d them, such as they are, being certainly true, as to matter of fact.