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Family - The Leeuwenhoek name, its origins, spelling, and pronunciation

This section has all the information I have found so far on over a hundred close relatives of Leeuwenhoek, grouped by family:

  • Leeuwenhoek
  • de Meij
  • Swalmius
  • de Molijn
  • van den Berch
  • Hogenhouck

Each family page group begins with a page about one of the half dozen most influential women in Leeuwenhoek's life, one per family, for example, Leeuwenhoek's maternal great-grandmother Neeltje Jans Hogenhouck. The lower half of that page has links to Neeltje's family members, parents, siblings, spouse, and children, as well as the property and events associated with her.

Each of the six family page groups has a list of

  • all the family members with that last name
  • the property they owned or lived in
  • the documented events in their lives (more sub-sets of the comprehensive chronology)