Frederik Adriaan van Reede van Renswoude

friend, host, husband of Maria Duyst
Birth or Baptism date: 
February 22, 1659
Death or Burial date: 
December 12, 1738

Baron van Reede van Renswoude, from Utrecht, was a diplomat, peace negotiator, and member of the States General. He was married to Maria Duyst van Voorhout, from one of Delft's oldest and wealthiest regent families and probably a life-long friend of Leeuwenhoek.

The Baron van Reede was interested in scientific subjects and often visited with Leeuwenhoek, who addressed twelve letters to him between April 1695 and August 1701.

During his marriage, van Reede lived in den Haag. He was also noted for his arrest for sodomy when he was in his 70's. See: Utrecht sodomy trials