Hooke inquired whether Leeuwenhoek would accept election to the Royal Society

February 2, 1680

On January 23, 1680 Old Style February 2, 1680 New Style, Hooke wrote to Leeuwenhoek, asking whether he would be interested in become a fellow of the Royal Society.

I doe much wonder that your name is not in the list of the Royall Society. especially since I find Mr. Oldenburgh Received the favour of soe many excellent communications from you. If I thought it would be gratefull to you I would propound you at the meeting as a candidate, If you please to let me know your thoughts of it by your next I shall regulate my self accordingly and give you a speedy account there of. there will be nothing of charge to you upon that account and I doubt not of effecting it if you desire it.


MS. Sloane 1039, f. 172, British Museum, London