Robert Hooke read the three letters of 1680-05-13 thanking the Royal Society

May 23, 1680

Birch, History, vol. IV, p. 37

Mr. Hooke produced three letters from Mr. Leewenhoeck; one to the president and fellows of the Society, containing his thanks for the honour, which they had done him in choosing him a member.

A second to Mr. Hooke, acknowledging the receipt of the diploma sent, and a profession of the great esteem, which he had of the honor done him, and of his zeal to serve the Society in what he was able, for the future as long as he lived.

A third to Dr. Gale, containing an answer to the doctor's address by the last letter, and an account of some farther discoveries made in the juice of plants, animals, &c. Mr. Austin took this letter, and promised to translate it into English against the next meeting, it being written in Dutch.