Huijch Thonis Leeuwenhoek

Thonis, Theunis
Other name: 
Death or Burial date: 
February 15, 1669

Antony's father, Philip, had only one surviving sibling, Huijch, known as Hugo. On February 7, 1601, his father registered his three children at the Weeskamer (WKD inv. 389 dl. 14 f. 224). Huijch was noted as being two years old.

A basketmaker, Huijch had only one wife, Magdeleentgen Maertens van Cuijck, for 44 years until her death in 1664. They had nine children, four of whom did not survive childhood, but two sons and three daughters themselves had children.

Huijch was a basketmaker living on Turftmarkt in 1623 when the death of a child was recorded on September 18 (DTB Delft inv. 37, fol. 228)

Their surviving children were Antony's cousins, three of them older, Lambrecht b. 1624, Geertruij b. 1628, and Maerten b. 1631, and two younger girls, Jannitge b. 1633 and Margaretha (Grietje) b. 1637. Very little of Antony's legacy went to this branch of the family.

Antony had no surviving sons, so any Leeuwenhoeks in the Netherlands today come from Huijch's sons.

Huijch lived on the Brabantse Turfmarkt and paid taxes and fees on several other houses, including several damaged in the 1654 Thunderclap (gunpowder explosion), for which he asked he city for reimbursement.

From his father, Huijch inherited three properties:

  • E0073 now Oosteinde 56, where he grew up.
  • B0546 now Verwersdijk 97 A, 1632 verp 'Cromhoutspoort' 29st (Verwersdijk bij de Molenstraat in de Cromhoutspoort) B0546
  • A0985 - A0991 now on Dr. Schaepmanstraat, which was a block of seven large properties just outside the Oostpoort.

D0294 now Brabantse Turfmarkt 71, where he lived after 1621

He ? nearby, on the Northside of Jacob Gerritsstraat.

D0708 now Kruisstraat 5 t/m 69

E0056 now Oosteinde 58

E0079 now Oranje Plantage 79

'Noortsij van de poort van de Vest naet water' (=Leeuwenpoort N aan het Oosteinde) resp. 36st en 2gl; 'Oosteinde O' 5gl – this one must be E0056 now Oosteinde 58 or was this one E0079 now Oranje Plantage 79, which was larger and thus more taxes?;

'Turfmarkt W in de poort' 6gl, 'voor nogh een huijsgen in de poort' 13gl en een aan de 'Noordsij van de Jacob Gerritsstraat' naer de Turfmarkt (where he lived). 1638 haardst Jacob Gerritsstraet prop (1 and 6gl) 1654 buskruitramp 5 huijsen in een poort' Verwersdijk WS 300gl and '4 huiskes in een poort' also Verwersdijk WS 5gl 16st; huienprotocol Pietersstraat N op de noordwest hoek van de Cruijsstraat D0708 now Kruisstraat 5 t/m 69. B0546 now Verwersdijk 97 A. another on Verwersdijk?.