Inherited property on Oosteinde from first wife Barbara de Meij's family

May 11, 1655

Notary Johannes Ranck. This document involves the division of property (scheiding), of D0028 now Oosteinde 248, called Groene Velt (Green Field).

The blue on the top corner is a gracht/canal, now covered and planted with trees, the Nieuwe Langedijk. The other blue is a gracht that is still there, running along Oosteinde. The wider part of the property fronts on Donkerstraat.

The document is signed by the notary and his clerk, Albertus Oosterwijck. It is also signed by Maria de Meij and her brother-in-law Antonij Leeuwenhoeck, who signed for his new wife, Barbera. Maria, being unmarried, signed it for herself. By May 1655, she had been van Leeuwenhoek's siser-in-law for less than a year.

Maria and Barbara's father, Elias de Meij, was buried in 1646. Nine years later, the daughters divided the inheritance into two parts, a house on the Oosteinde and an adjacent property that fronted around the corner on Donkerstraat. It involved a smaller house as well as four small houses, presumably rental properties. The sisters drew lots, and Barbara got the house on the Oosteinde and Maria got the rent-producing properties on the Donkerstraat.

The Beydal archive has something about Maria got a house on the south side of the Gaasthuislaan and a house on the north side of the Nieuwe Langedijk with two small houses and property on the north side of the Donkersteeg.


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