Jacob Sebastiaans van den Berch

Burial date: 
January 1, 1615

He was a member of the Veertigraad. After 1589, a brewer in de Clock mette Croon on the corner of the Oude Delft and Dirk Langensteeg. It was at end of the Kolk, the residence he listed two weeks before his marriage when the couple registered.

When they married on January 24, 1588, he was living in de Belle, the family home on the Koornmarkt. For the registration on January 9, Cryntge Verburch, living by the Haverbrug. For the marriage itself, she gave her name as Grietgen Cornelis van den Burch living in de Clocke (today's Kloksteeg), another brewery.

Three of their five daughters and both sons left Delft to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Margriete stayed at home and married down – Antony's father, a basketmaker.

Jacob Sebastiaans owned D060 now Beestenmarkt 8 on the corner of corner of the Burgwal, which is perhaps where Antony's mother grew up.