James II, King of England

Baptism date: 
October 14, 1633
Burial date: 
September 16, 1701

He was the last Catholic king of England. During the Glorious Revolution in 1688, he was replaced by his daugher, Mary, and her husband, Dutch stadholder William III.

On October 13th 1679, Leeuwenhoek wrote to Hooke (AB 51):

His Highness the Duke of York honoured me a few days before his departure from this country by a visit, accompanied by several high personages. He wished to see my simple observations and so I showed His Highness among other things, the little animals in the male sperm of a dog through an ordinary microscope5). His Highness admitted that he not only saw that they lived, but that he even could clearly distinguish their tails.

James was in the Republic for only a couple of weeks in the fall of 1679, so the visit was probably in September or early October.

Leeuwenhoek dedicated Anatomia seu interiora rerum, a collection of his letters in Latin, to James II in 1687.

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