Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek

Other name: 
uncle Huijch's son, cousin Lambrecht
Birth or Baptism date: 
August 11, 1624
Death or Burial date: 
January 4, 1701

In 1652 when he married Ariaentgen Spaendonck (1628-1688), Lambrecht was living on the Brabanste Turfmarkt and she on the Oude Langedijk.

In 1656, he bought D0508 now Oude Delft 97 corner Smitsteeg, where they lived.

He owned D0573 now Peperstraat 7 (abutting his son's D0575).

In 1682 he bought A0129 now Buitenwatersloot 214, which were small houses and large gardens a half mile outside the western city wall. All this property went to Maarten.

Lambrecht and Ariaentgen's children were the cousins of Antony's daughter Maria, and around the same age. They lived about a quarter mile apart.

In the treasurer's account books for the 1670's, Lambrecht is noted as being paid for delivering baskets to the city. The records do not note what the baskets were used for.

OAD 678.68 for July 5, 1674

Aen dito, aen Lambregt Leeuwen-
houck, seventien gl, over het
maecken en de verstellen van
mandens, volgens reecken~
ende quitantie
On the same day, to Lambregt Leeuwen-
houck, seventeen guilders, for the
making and repair of
baskets, according to account
and receipt

Note that Jan de Molijn on the same day received 190 guilders for painting (schilderwerck).