Lectures and collections: Cometa, Microscopium

Hooke, R.
London: J. Martyn

full text facsimile online at Google Books

After Henry Oldenburg died, the Royal Society did not have the resources to replace him as owner, publisher, and editor of Philosophical Transactions. Hooke took it upon himself to publish a dozen letters/articles written by himself and other scholars who had previously published in Philosophical Transactions, including Robert Boyle and Edmond Halley.

Hooke published most of two of Leeuwenhoek's letters.

  • Letter 21 of October 5, 1677, addressed to Henry Oldenburg before Leeuwenhoek knew that he had died a month earlier, in September.
  • Letter 23 of January 14, 1678, addressed to himself.

Neither of these letters was accompanied by figures.

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