Leeuwenhoek as Curator

In the Register van de Curateelen, Leeuwenhoek has two pages, sharing the second with his cousin Lambrecht's son Adriaan Leeuwenhoek, whose page had filled.

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Leeuwenhoek's appointment and estates he curated
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Leeuwenhoek's appointment

Leeuwenhoek's appointment is signed by two magistrates, Adriaen Willems van der Houff and Anthonij Jans Thierens. The only two years in which they were both magistrates were 1673 and 1676, making it likely that Leeuwenhoek was first appointed in 1673 because he had already performed a similar task for the estate of Simon Bourbon in 1667, by appointment of the mayors. The Vermeer appointment in September 1676 is not one of those listed under his name or on the next page. Like the Bourbon appointment, it was noted separately in the mayors' Kamerboek.

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Two cases Leeuwenhoek worked on in 1681 and 1687.
The entry top right shows him being paid 36 guilders
by city secretary Hendrik Vockestaert.

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The other two cases that Leeuwenhoek worked on
in 1698 and 1699.