Maarten Etienne van Velden wrote Letter L-252 to Leeuwenhoek about two printed works and a box of flies

May 2, 1695

This letter is known only by reference in Leeuwenhoek’s reply.

Van Velden writes a cover letter accompanying two printed works and a box of flies. The flies emerged from one of the large caterpillars that had invaded Van Velden’s home and stuck to the beams, where they died.


Letter 146 L-255 of 23 May 1695 to Maarten Etienne van Velden

I duly received your very courteous and pleasant letter of the 2nd of May on the 9th of the same month, and also the two learned theses and the little box. I am extremely grateful for the present.

When I opened the little box, I saw several small flies, as mentioned in your letter, flying out of the box, of which I killed some specimens and caught the others.