Made will with daughter Maria

June 26, 1719

Made will in Delfshaven. Nicolaas van der Vaart notary. The summary from the Delfshaven archives (my translation):

Anthony van Leeuwenhoek and his daughter Maria van Leeuwenhoek, who live on the westside of the Hippolytusbuurt in Delft, named each other as sole heirs.

They bequeathed bonds to Anthony de Molijn, his sister Margaretha de Molijn, married to Arnoldus van den Heuvel, and to Geertruyd de Molijn. At the death of Geertruyd, the bonds intended for her will go over to Anthony de Molijn and Jan Haaxman, son of Maria De Molijn, Rijkje van Leeuwen, Maria Strik, weduwe van N.N., Adriaan Swalmius, and Margaretha van Leeuwen, daughhter of Philip van Leeuwen.

They designated different effects (goederen) for Rijkje en Jan van Leeuwen and Jacob van Leeuwen, son of Philip van Leeuwen.

As heirs of the remaining effects and as executors, they named Jan and Jacob van Leeuwen, son and grandson of Catharina van Leeuwenhoek.

For some people including Maria Molijn, wife of Arnoldus van den Heuvel, it is not permitted for them to attend the funeral of the survivor (literally: longest living of the two).


Archief DLFS Delfshaven inv. 3876 Act no pg. 117 587

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