mother Margrietke and step-father Jacob Molijn testified for a legal action by Johan Strick

February 26, 1658

mother Margrietke (Grietgen) Jacobs van den Berch testified for an insinuatie by Johan Strick, official of the magistrate's court. Johannes Ranck notary

People mentioned:

Johannes Ranck, attestant
Benjamin Mager, gerechtsbode (stadsbode) up to 1658, deurwaarder by 1660, attestant
Johan Strick, kamerbewaarder van schepenenkamer Delft, requirant
Grietgen van den Berch, Jacob Molijn, Moer Jans, Willem Jansz Croonenburch


ONA Delft inv. 2115A, fol. 31

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