nieces Margrieta and Maria Jans de Molijn married Arnoldus van den Heuvel and Cornelis Haaxman

March 10, 1674

Leeuwenhoek's niece Margrieta Jans de Molijn married Arnoldus van den Heuvel, both living on Choorstraat.

On the same day, her her sister Maria Jans de Molijn, also living on Choorstraat, married Cornelis Haaxsman, a widower living on Oude Delft.

Both couples registered their betrothals at both the Nieuwe Kerk and the Staduis, where the marriage date is noted in the margin.


DTB Delft inv. 74, fol. 5v, also inv. 131, fol. 94v (both on same pages)

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