Dutch language resources online


Through the magic of the Internet, an enormous amount of reading and viewing material is available online in Dutch. Google is your best friend: Google Earth (free download) | Images | Translate | News | Video, especially YouTube. Immerse yourself.

For pronouncing Dutch, Marco Schuffelen's Hear Dutch Here is your best bet.


NOS's Radio 1 Journaal

I use iTunes to find podcasts, which I download almost daily and transfer to my iPod.

Online video

A terrific service of the Dutch public broadcasting system called UitzendingGemist (Missed Broadcasts) gives access to Dutch programs from major broadcasters:

NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation): news, parliamentary reporting and sports.
NTR (acronym of former public broadcasters NPS, Teleac and RVU): news and information as well as cultural, educational, children's, and ethnic programming
BNN (Bart's Neverending Network): pop culture
TROS (originally: Televisie Radio Omroep Stichting) (Television Radio Broadcasting Foundation): entertainment.

The three shows that I watch all the time:

NOS Journaal - just the news - daily
Nieuwsuur - News Hour - the NOS Journaal followed by interviews, features, and discussions - nightly except Sunday

Een Vandaag - One Today - This news magazine has feature stories and in-depth interviews - nightly except Sunday

My favorites:

3 op Reis - 3 on a Trip - Engaging young Dutch people travel the world. It is broadcast on Sunday evenings, and the all the past eipsodes are available at the web site.

SchoolTV.nl is a web for Dutch grade-school teachers. It has short clips of over a thousand topics in the Dutch primary school curriculum. The videos for the youngest students are the best place to start.

As you can see on the screen shot below, the film Antoni van Leeuwenhoek plays on the left and the verbatim text (de letterlijke tekst) of the voice-over narration is on the right.


I cover the text and listen to the video until I think I have all the words. Then I uncover the text to read what I just heard.

This clip is also in a kiosk at the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden next to the display case holding their Leeuwenhoek microscopes and related artifacts.

To get started, many of the clips on SchoolTV are also on 2BDutch.nl with subtitles in both Dutch and English.