Presented will after wife Barbara's death

March 11, 1667

Presented the will of 1662 to the Weeskamer after wife Barbara's death in July 1666. Because they had a minor daughter, Maria, Leeuwenhoek was required to report to the Weeskamer (orphan's chamber) how Maria would be provided for now that her mother was dead and if her father died, too.

The entry in the Weeskamer archives reads (my translation):

Op den XI Maert 1667 Compareerde ter Weescamer Anthoni van Leeuwenhouck, Camerbewaerder ende verthoonde Copie Testament tusschen hem ende Barbera de Mey syn zaeliger huysvrouw, op den 23 October 1662 voor den notaris Fr. van der Boogaert Ende getuygen binnen dese Stadt gepasserd ende byden voornoemde Syne huysvrouw metter doot geconfirmeert, waer by bevonden is de Weescamer uytgeslooten te zyn. Gedaen voor de heren Pieter van der Hoef ende Dirck van Lodensteyn, weesmeesters.

On March 11, 1667 appeared at the Weescamer Anthoni van Leeuwenhouck, Camerbewaarder and showed a copy of the will between him and Barbara de Meij his late houswife, on October 23, 1662 before notary Frans Boogaert and witnesses in this City and by the in fact confirmed death of his forenamed housewife, where by the Weescamer is considered to be out of the question (uitgesloten). Done before Mr. Pieter van der Hoef and Mr. Dirck van Lodensteyn, orphan masters.


Weeskamer Delft, Comparitieregisters na 1618, inv. 446 (deel 9), fol. 400v

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