Published A. van Leeuwenhoeks 41ste Missive, Geschreven aen (written to) de Koninklijke Societeit tot Londen

January 1, 1698

Dobell gave this a separate number 17. However, Leeuwenhoek had done this before. His 2 is Eyerstok, and 2a is Antony van Leeuwenhoeks 37ste Missive, Geschreven aan de Heer Cristopher Wren. He did the same thing with 3. Schobbens in de Mond and 3a. Antoni van Leeuwenhoeks 40ste Missive, Geschreven aan de Heer Francois Aston.

Thus, this 17 should really be 4a, as Schierbeek also notes (1950 p. 497).

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