Pieter Rabus wrote Letter L-298 to Leeuwenhoek, more about honey-dew and dowsing rods

July 30, 1696

In this letter, Pieter Rabus expresses his satisfaction about the fact that Leeuwenhoek has made it plausible that honey-dew does not fall from the air. Description of the permanent capacity of the female dowser from Rotterdam (Rabus's wife) to trace gold and silver with the dowsing-rod.


Published in Boekzaal van Europe, July and August 1696, pp. 152-156, immediately after Leeuwenhoek's Letter L-297 of 23 July 1696.

Dutch text available at ePistolarium, also.

See Collected Letters, vol. 12, for the Dutch text and English translation of this letter, there unnumbered, but placed directly after Leeuwenhoek's Letter L-297 that it responded to.