The Royal Society read the latter part of Letter L-154 about salts in ashes, lime, soda, and sal armoniac

May 16, 1685

Birch, History, vol IV, p. 397, 26 May 1685 (O.S.) in London:

There was read the latter part of Mr. LEEWENHOECK's letter of January 23, 1684/5, being observations of the figures of the salts contained in the allies sticking near the mouth of an oven of a foundery of cannon; in the ashes sticking to the sides of an oven, where lead is calcined; in the salts of quick lime; in the lime of sea-shells; in the English soda or glass-wort; in the soda of Britany; in the soda bariglia of Alicant: and in sal armoniac. The figures were likewise shewn, curiously designed by Mr. LEEWENHOECK.

In the postscript he mentioned, that he had found in the womb of a bitch, that had been limed three or four times not three days before, a great number of living animals, which are the seed of a dog.