Schobbens in de Mond

Leeuwenhoek, A. van
Leiden: van Gaesbeeck

Full title

Ondervindingen en Beschouwingen der onsigbare geschapene waarheden, waar in gehandelt wert

vande Schobbens inde Mond, de Lasarie, de Jeuking 't Kind met Vis-Schobbens, 't binnenste der Darmen, en de beweging derselve, als mede het Vet dat inde selve gevonden wert:

Geschreven aande Wyt-beroemde Koninklyke Societeit in Engeland.

Experiences and Considerations of the truth of invisible creation, wherein is treated

Scales in the Mouth, the Lasarie (?), the Itching of a Child with Fish-Scales [what we now call ichthyosis], the innermost part of the Guts, and the movement of the same, as well as the Fat that was found in the same:

Written to the Widely famed Royal Society in England.

Dobell #3: Letter 40

Daniel van Gaesbeeck printed it in Leiden, numbered, paginated 1 - 24, with 11 figures in the text. Gaesbeeck's 2-page dedication (opdragt) titled den Drukker aan den Leeser (from the printer to the reader) is dated 24 July 1684. It has summaries of the first three letters that Gaesbeeck printed, including each letter's correspondent, date, and summary of contents: letters 32, 33, and 39 (not in this volume) and then two others, letter 41 and one on wood I can't identify.

Available online from Untrecht Univiversity Library.

Dobell #3a: Letter 40

In 1696, someone, probably Cornelis Boutesteyn in Leiden, printed another edition. It had a title to parallel that of Letter 37: Antoni van Leeuwenhoeks 40ste Missive, Geschreven aan de Heer Francois Aston. The surviving copies have no preliminary leaves, so we have no printer's name or year. The printer wasn't Gaesbeeck because he died in 1693. Since Boutesteyn was printing Leeuwenhoek's other volumes during the 1690's, it is probable that he printed and sold this one, too. Perhaps it was meant to be bound after another letter that did have a title page.

Dobell noted "identical with 1st ed" and Schierbeek agreed. However, it was not identical. It was very close, but it must have been re-typeset because there were little differences on almost every page. The figures were also positioned with slight differences.

Yale University reports a separately bound copy with "Leeuwenhoek. Natvvrkvndige Werken. I. Deel." on the binding.

Available online from Google Books.


11 figures