Visited again by Joachim Georg Reinerding

October 1, 1716

Sometime around 1 October 1716, Joachim Georg Reinerding visited Leeuwenhoek for at least the second time.

In a letter to Leibniz, dated 13 October 1716 (see Sämtliche Schriften und Briefe, no. 701), Reindering wrote, "I have translated the letter to Mr. LEEUWENHOEK with its appendices into Dutch and have sent these immediately to Delft. Shortly afterwards, I also travelled to Delft and went to Mr. LEEUWENHOEK; however, because he had some [friends] with him, could I not speak him about your letter."

He was referring to Leibniz' letter to Leeuwenhoek of 25 September, which included responses by MARTIN NABOTH (1675–1721), a German physician and anatomist and JOHANN WILHELM PAULI (1658-1723), professor of pathology in Leipzig. See also Letter no. 331 of 25 September 1716.