Visited by Joachim Georg Reinerding

July 1, 1715

Joachim Georg Reinerding was the agent of the court of Wolfenbüttel in the Dutch Republic after his graduation from Helmstadt University in 1713. He was the son of Johann Thiele Reinerding († 1727), first secretary of the Ducal Library after 1684.

In a letter dated 23 July 1715, his father Johann Reinerding wrote to Leibniz, “A few weeks ago, my son was in Delfft, where he spoke to mr. Leeuwenhoek, who also showed him all sorts of curiosa, and also insisted to transmit his greetings to your excellency” (Leibniz: Sämtliche schriften und briefe [1715], 2016).

The following year, Joachim Reinerding translated a letter from Leibniz and two attachments. He sent the translations to Leeuwenhoek and followed up with another visit.