What happened to his house?

My thanks to Johan Geertzenwijk for providing the following information about the owners of the property after 1800. By then, Leeuwenhoek's house was considered one parcel. The Kadaster map of 1832, which labeled them C 153 and C 154 was revised in 1859. At that time, what were two properties during Leeuwenhoek's life were united under one number, C1507.

Art. 46   
Jacob Frederik Bausch, storekeeper, Delft
C 153-154, house and property
Sold: art 3753

Art. 3753
William Allan, merchant, Rotterdam
C 153-154 house and property. 1859 renumbering: C 1507
Sold 1880: art. 4764

Art. 4764
Christian Johann Hermann Carl Friedrich Lengerke, merchant, Delft
C 1507, house and property
Sold: art. 6305

Art. 6305
Arij Jz. van Herwijnen, individual, Delft
Sold 1905: art. 9215

Art. 9215
Hermannus Vroom, storekeeper, Utrecht
Nadien Amalia Kerstholt widow Vroom, Utrecht

The last owner is the Vroom family of Vroom and Dreesman, which operated a retail store there until late into the 20th century.