Who owned it before him?

The March 1618 fire in the Delft Stadhuis destroyed most of the buildings as well as much of the municipal archives. This loss included the real estate records that would contain at least the names of the owners of the Gulden Hoofd before Leeuwenhoek.

At that point, Delft had avoided any disastrous fires for over 80 years. The image on the left sidebar shows what happened in 1536. Most of the houses, made of wood, burned to the ground. Left standing were the structures made of stone. The fire had destroyed the most valuable homes, along the Oude Delft and Nieuwe Delft grachten. They decided to rebuild, this time of stone and brick. Within ten years, most of the housing had been replaced.

We don't know exactly when the Gulden Hoofd was built, but it was probably around 1540. Even then, it was known by that name, though some alternate spellings include Ghulden, Vergulden, Gouden, and Hooft. It had four owners. According to the Delft archival records, the house had half a dozen owners before Leeuwenhoek and several residents who may or may not have been paying rent.

Jacob Andriesz, a baker, lived there from ~ 1560 to ~ 1593

Huijch Gijsbrechtsz, peddler, ~ 1593 to 1629

Stoffel Huijchenz van der Schie, 1629 - 1634

Pouwels van Crombrugge, serge dealer, 1634 - 1643

Frans Leendersz van Helden, furrier, 1644 - 164?

Grietge Jans, van Helden's widow, 164? - 1655

The table below has all of the references I could find in the Delft archives, though very few of the actual documents have survived. When they recovered after the fire, they assembled the salvagable records in the order that they found them, not by date. Thus the inventory and bundel numbers don't follow a strict chronology.

date what happened source
1559-1562 Jacob Dries, Hippolytusbuurt, Gulden Hoofd, guarantor, see: Joestgen Cornelisdr. WKD inv. 420, fol. 142, bundel 22 Registers van inschrijving van wezen en halfwezen
1559-1562 Jacob Dries, bakker, Hippolytusbuurt, Gulden Hoofd, guarantor, see: Adriaen Jansz. WKD inv. 422, fol. 293v, bundel 22
1566-1569, 1575-1576 Jacob Dries, bakker, guardian, see: Jacob WKD inv. 424, fol. 31, bundel 23
1562-01-01 Jacob Dries paid the gravenhuur on the Ghulden Hooft to Cornelis Franchoys van Bodeghem (tax farmer?) OAD 1 inv. 678.2 fol. 034v Rekeningen van de thesaurier
1562-1568 Jacob Dries, bakker, Hippolytusbuurt, Gulden Hooft, guardian, loaner, see: Jacob Jansz. WKD inv. 404, fol. 213v, bundel 19
1564-11-21   ORA 13 inv. 164 Kamerboek 1564 - 1571 mei
1570-1572 Jacob Andriesz., bakker, Hippolytusbuurt, Gulden Hoofd, wife may be Aeltgen Jansdr.; 3 children Claesgen, Lijntgen, Lijsbeth WKD inv. 417 fol. 389-390, 395, 398, bundel 21
1574-10-31 Hendrick Aelbrechtszn. potter bij de Vest, registered as member of the church HGD 445 inv. 463-465 Register met namen van lidmaten
1578-1582 Jacob Dries, baker, guardian, see: Coenraat van Doorne WKD inv. 401 fol. 144, bundel 18
1593-09-15 Huijch Kremer, in 't Vergulden Hooft, child buried  
1593-10-10 Maritghen Arijens, living Hippolitusbuerte in 't Gouden Hooft, married Anthonis Anthonissen, kleermaker from Antwerp DTB inv. 2 fol. 9 Dopen, Trouwen Begraven
1597-10-20 Wife of Aelbrecht Henrixss, living in ‘t Gulden Hooft, buried DTB 35 fol. 28v
1601-1603 Huijch Gijsbrechtsz., kramer, living Gulden Hooft, guarantor, see: Jacob Jacobsz. WKD inv. 339 bundel 1 fol. 308v
1602-05-04 Huijch de Cramer, living in 't Vergulden Hooft, wife buried  
1604-04-11 Willem Egbertsen, tinsmith, living Hippolytusbuurt, in het Gouden Hooft, married Magdalena Hendrixdr from Amsterdam DTB inv. 2 fol. 1v
1604-10-30 Huijch de Cramer, living Voorstraat, child buried  
1629-01-01 Stoffel Huijchenz van der Schie, Hippolijtusbuijrt, 8/9 house and property Gulden Hooft, 3911 guilders, 2 stuivers, 4 pennies KCD 447 inv. 367 56e-015r1 Rekeningen van de heffing op het transport van onroerende zaken
1634-01-01 sold to Pouwels van Crombrugge, Hippolytusbuurt house and property Gouden Hooft, 3200 guilders KCD 447 inv. 368 09e-032r1
1643 sold to Frans Leenders van Helden, after his death, his widow Grietge Jans ORA 13 inv. 281-283 fol. 309r2 Huizenprotocol

no dates in the ORA 13 inv. 281-283 fol. 309r2 Huizenprotocol, which lists four owners

Huigen Gijsberths or Gijsbrechts, peddler

Stoffel Huijchenz van der Schie

Pouwels van Crombrugge, serge dealer

Frans Leendersz van Helden, furrier, afterwards his widow Grietge Jans


ORA 13 inv. 46 fol. 94v Crimineel boeck 1536 oktober - 1591 december

WKD inv. 367 fol. 167 bundel 9 1587, 1596, 1603-1606, 1609-1611, 1614
Huijch Gijsbrechtsz., kramer, Hippolytusbuurt wz, Gulden Hoofd
co-heir, loaner, see: Gijsbrecht Jansz.

WKD inv. ??? fol. 308v bundel 1
Huijch Gijsbrechtsz. kramer, in 't Gulden Hooft
guarantor, see: Jacob Jacobsz.