Wrote letter of 1713-10-12 (AB 304) to Hans Sloane

October 12, 1713
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Signed autograph letter. The manuscript is to be found in London, Royal Society, MS 2102, Early Letters L.4.51; 1 quarto page.

Not published.

Accompanying letter to a copy of a letter to HEINSIUS on muscle fibres of a whale. L. asks to send new issues of the Philosophical Transactions and a list of fellows of the Royal Society to the widow of his nephew at Rotterdam.

The letter accompanies a copy of L.'s Letter 296 [I] of 8 November 1712 to Heinsius.

On the cover Leeuwenhoek himself wrote the following address: Aande Heer. d'Heer Hans Sloane Secretaris vande Coninklijke Societeit. In Londen.