Wrote Letter L-191 of 1687-08-06 to Robert Boyle about his recent letters

August 6, 1687
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Collected Letters volume: 

In this cover letter, Leeuwenhoek notes that his four most recent letters have received no reply from the Royal Society.

The letter in both Birch and Hunter has no signature. Boyle was an Irish philosopher, chemist, and alchemist and a founding member of the Royal Society.

The letter covered by this one is Letter L-190 of 6 August 1687 addressed to the Royal Society. The editors of Collected Letters, vol. 7, note that its manuscript could not be traced and that it was not published in Philosophical Transactions, so Emile van Loo translated the letter as L. published it in Vervolg der Brieven, pp. 73-95.