Delft in 1560 (left)


In 1729, Boitet published an updated and expanded version of Bleyswijk's Beschrijving der Stadt Delft from 1667. Boitet's version was illustrated with most of the side panels from Bleyswijk's Kaart Figuratief from 1678. In addition, it has a two-page map labeled "Afbeelding van Delft na een afteekening van den jare 1560 gemaakt" (Picture of Delft made after a drawing of 1560). This is the map of 1560 Boitet was referring to.

To the extent that it is accurate, it shows how much of the city had been rebuilt after the fire in 1536.

The left half shows the southern part of the city. It is derived from the post-fire maps that show the Rotterdamse Poort and Oostpoort spanning the singel. On the top, it has no bridge at the Waterslootse Poort. On the bottom, no bridge at the Koepoort.