Daniel Bogaert

Other name: 
Bogert, Bogaet, Bogard, Bogaart, Boogaers, Boogaert, Boogaard, Boogaart, Boogaert
co-worker at the Stadhuis
Birth or Baptism date: 
August 10, 1636
Death or Burial date: 
June 17, 1681

Leeuwenhoek's co-worker at the Stadhuis. Appointed camerbewaarder of the mayors' chamber (burgemeesterencamer) in the same year Leeuwenhoek was. They were appointed as wijkmeesters-general in the same year, too.

There are baptism records for eight children, all with names, and burial records for six, none with names.

When Bogaert married Annetge in 1660, he lived on the Markt. When they buried the first child in the Nieuwe kerk in 1661, they were living on Vlamingstraat. A year later, they were living on the Markt. When they buried a child in the Nieuwe Kerk in 1665, they were living on Oude Langendijk.

In March 1672, Bogaert was named as a neighbor of Pieter van Pollinghoven on the Voldersgracht. By August 1674, when they buried yet another child in the Nieuwe Kerk, and a year later, in August 1675, when Annetge died, they were still living on the Voldersgracht.

The following April, Bogaert married Maria van Rhees, who was living on Nieuwstraat around the corner from Leeuwenhoek. When he died in 1681, he was still living on the Voldersgracht. His widow remarried three years later.