Appointed to administer the affairs of sister-in-law Maria de Meij

December 21, 1674

At the end of 1674, something happened to Leeuwenhoek's sister-in-law Maria.

Only nine months earlier, she had married for the first time, to the twice-widowed Pieter Schepen, a saddlemaker who had lived for decades on Oude Delft. On December 21, Leeuwenhoek was appointed by the magistrates to administer her affairs due to her melancolique ende swartmoedige gedachten (melancholic and dark thoughts). The following day, December 22, Maria and Pieter were granted a scheidingen (divorce).

A year later, when Maria was buried on January 26, 1676, she was listed as the housewife of Pieter Schepens and living in the stadschool in Achtersack (city school on the Achterzak).


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