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2014 Zuidervaart, H. and M. Rijks "Most rare workmen"
2022 Davis, I. M. "Round, red globules floating in a crystalline fluid" - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek's observations of red blood cells and hemocytes
2004 Jonckheere, K. "What I brought from Brabant and Holland" Anton Ulrich
1675 Valkenier, P. 't Verwerd Europa
2017 Vlis, I. van der 't Weeshuys binnen Delft
1995 Burg, E. W. van den and G. J. Leeuwenhoek (Van) Leeuwenhoek
2005 Frijhoff, W. and M. Spies 1650: Hard-Won Unity.
1735 Barker, R. A Catoptric Microscope
1691 Sewel, W. A compendious Guide to the Low-Dutch Language [etc.] / KorteWegwyzer der Nederduytsche Taal
1669 Wren, C. A Description of Dr. Christopher Wren's Engin, Designed for Grinding Hyperbolical Glasses
1702 Cowper, W. A Description of the Extremities of those Vessels, and the manner the Blood is seen, by the Microscope, to pass from the Arteries to the Veins in Quadrupeds when living.
1948 Iterson, G. van A Discussion of Leeuwenhoek's Drawings and Descriptions Compared to Malpighi and Grew
2001 Postgate, J. A Historical Account of the Life and Work of the Dutch Microbiologist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek - The Father of Microbiology
1944 Cole, F. J. A history of comparative anatomy from Aristotle to the eighteenth century
1978 Bracegirdle, B. A History of Micro-technique
1999 Berkel, K. van, A. van Helden, and L. Palm (eds.) A History of Science in The Netherlands
1848 Weld, C. R. A History of the Royal Society, with Memoirs of the Presidents
1697 Child, F. A journal of my travels through the United Provinces
1697 Gray, S. A Letter from, Concerning making Water subservient to the viewing both near and distant Objects [etc.]
1696 Gray, S. A Letter from, giving a further Account of his Water Microscope
1995 Davids, K. A Miracle Mirrored. The Dutch Republic in European perspective
2007 Azevedo, A. A. de A Novel Method For Making Miniature Lenses
2002 Corliss, J. O. A Salute to Antony van Leeuwenhoek of Delft
1587 Vranck, F. A short exposition of the rights exercised by the knights, nobles and towns of Holland and West Friesland
1983 Mikx, F. A. van Leeuwenhoek's Microscopes: Upside Down?
1779 - 1780 Leske, N. G. Abhandlungen zur Naturgeschichte, Physik und Oekonomie
1987 Wijsenbeek-Olthuis, T. Achter de Gevels van Delft (book)
1682 - 1731 Mencke, O. (ed.) Acta eruditorum
1677 Bartholin, T. Acta medica & philosophica Hafniensia
1923 Iterson, F. K. Algemene vergadering te Appledoorn op 1 en 2 September
2019 Alexander, L. All in a Drop
1938 Rijnberk, G. van Alle de Brieven van Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
1812 Gelder, J. de Allereerste gronden der cijferkunst
1705 Rumphuis, G. E. Amboinsche Rariteitkamer
1994 Farrington, J. An account of a journey through Holland
1665 Hooke, R. An Account of Micrographia, or the Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies, made by Magnifying Glasses
1739 Baker, H. An Account of Mr. Leeuwenhoek's Microscopes
1662 Moray, R. An account of the glass drops
1967 Bedini, S. A. An Early Optical Lens-Grinding Lathe
2004 Hoftijzer, P. An eighteenth-century amateur of books and science in Warmond
1709 Hoorn, J. von Anatomes publicae
2015 Robertson, L. A. And then there were 12
2017 Fransen, S. Anglo-Dutch translations of medical and scientific texts
1810 Wikles, J. ed. Animalcules
1823 Haastert, I. Anth. van Leeuwenhoek, vereerend herdacht
1982 Stoppelaar, C. de Anthoni Leeuwenhoek: “De Vrouw moge toebrengen om­ Mannelijk Saet te ontfan­gen.”
1933 Parker, G. H. Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek and his Microscopes
1925 Bouricius, L. G. N. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek de Delftsche natuuronderzoeker (1632-1723)
1924 Bouricius, L. G. N. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek en zijn dochter
1921 Harris, D. F. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek the First Bacteriologist