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Yearsort ascending Author Title
1678 Blankaart, S. De nieuw hervormde anatomia
1677 Bartholin, T. Acta medica & philosophica Hafniensia
1677 Butterfield, Mr. Making of Microscopes with Very Small and Single Glasses
1675 Valkenier, P. 't Verwerd Europa
1675 Busschof, H. Het Podagra, Nader als oyt nagevorst en uytgevonden
1673 Temple, W. Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands
1672 Graaf, R. de Een nieuw ontwerp van de ledematen der vrouwen
1669 Wren, C. A Description of Dr. Christopher Wren's Engin, Designed for Grinding Hyperbolical Glasses
1668 Mancini, C. The Description of a Way for Working Convex Glasses upon a Plain
1667 Sprat, T. History of the Royal Society of London
1667 Bleyswijck, D. van Beschryvinge der Stadt Delft
1665 Hooke, R. An Account of Micrographia, or the Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies, made by Magnifying Glasses
1665 Hooke, R. Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses
1665 various Philosophical Transactions
1665 various Journal des Sçavans
1663 Anhaltin, C. M. School-Boeck van de Wyn-Royeryen
1662 Moray, R. An account of the glass drops
1662 Court, P. de la. Interest van Holland [The True Interest and Political Maxims, of the Republic of Holland]
1662 Nispen, M. De Beknopte Lant-meet-konst
1648 Hexham, H. Het Groot Woordenboeck: gestelt in't Neder-duytsch, ende in't Engelsch.
1638 Spoors, J. Wonderen des Wereldts
1633 Metius, A. Manuale arithmeticae & geometrice practicae
1612 Cardinael, S. H. Hondert Geometische Questien
1612 Dou, J. P. Tractaet vant maken ende Gebruycken eens nieu gheordonneer­den Mathematischen Instruments
1600 Sems, J. and J. P. Dou Practijck des lantmetens
1587 Vranck, F. A short exposition of the rights exercised by the knights, nobles and towns of Holland and West Friesland