Chronology of events: 1663--1672

For some events, the year is certain but the month and day are not. Example: We know only the year for the collections of Leeuwenhoek's letters published in Dutch during his lifetime.

For other events, the season or month are certain but the day is not. Example: Leeuwenhoek mentions that someone visited him "last month".

On the other hand, many events did indeed happen on the first day of a month. Example: public appointments to Delft's city offices took effect on January 1 of each year. Thus:

  • A date of January 1 in a given year may indicate that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • A date of 1 in a given month may indicate that the year and month are certain but the day is not.

Unless otherwise indicated, for events in England, the date given is Old Style, 10 days behind the Dutch Republic's New Style until 1700 and then 11 days behind.

January 1, 1663 Christiaen Anhaltin's School-Boeck van de Wyn-Royeryen published
January 25, 1663 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (second) baptized
April 25, 1663 brother-in-law Adriaan Johannes Swalmius (1631-1667) married Margrieta van der Burch
July 2, 1663 Christiaan Huygens elected member of the Royal Society
August 1, 1663 Christiaan Huygens received letter from Gutschoven about how to grind small lenses
January 1, 1664 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek appointed tax farmer
February 19, 1664 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1664-1693) baptized
May 11, 1664 nephew Johannes Adriaans Swalmius (1664-1693) baptized
June 25, 1664 Bought a garden outside the walls of the city
August 19, 1664 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (third) baptized
September 3, 1664 mother Margriete Jacobs van den Berch (1594-1664) buried in Oude Kerk
September 29, 1664 Owed for store goods by the estate of Elizabeth Cornelis
November 25, 1664 Received a legacy from the estate of great-aunt Aaltge Sebastiaans van den Berch
July 13, 1665 Appointed guardian of second cousin Maria van Halmael
September 1, 1665 Robert Hooke's Micrographia published
January 1, 1666 mentor Reinier de Graaf (1641-1673) moved to Delft
May 28, 1666 cousin Elisabeth Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1666-1743) baptized
June 27, 1666 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (third) buried in Oude Kerk
July 14, 1666 wife Barbara de Meij buried in Oude Kerk
October 10, 1666 Appointed district supervisor (wijkmeester generaal)
January 1, 1667 Dirck van Bleyswyck's Beschryvinge der Stadt Delft, Description of the City of Delft, published
February 5, 1667 mentor Jacob Spoors married Trijntge Jans
March 11, 1667 Presented will after wife Barbara's death
May 2, 1667 brother-in-law Adriaan Johannes Swalmius (1631-1667) buried
May 18, 1667 Appointed curator of estate of Simon de Bourbon
September 15, 1667 aunt Cornelia Jacobs van den Berch buried in Oude Kerk
January 1, 1668 Traveled to England
June 13, 1668 grandfather Thonis Phillips Leeuwenhoek's will of 1643 presented
January 1, 1669 cousin Pieter Abrahams Hogenhouck (-1679) appointed mayor in 1669-1673, 1677
February 4, 1669 Certified as a surveyor after passing the oral examination
February 15, 1669 uncle Huijch Thonis Leeuwenhoek buried in Nieuwe Kerk
October 8, 1669 daughter Maria named in will of her aunt Maria de Meij
July 13, 1670 cousin Cornelis Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek (1670-1702) baptized
January 8, 1671 Testified to marriage conditions with Cornelia Swalmius
January 17, 1671 daughter Maria made a will
January 25, 1671 Married Cornelia Johannes Swalmius
April 14, 1671 Agreed to act as steward for land inherited by second wife Cornelia
May 30, 1671 cousin Anthonij Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek (1653-1671) buried in Oude Kerk
September 21, 1671 daughter Maria made a will
October 15, 1671 wife Cornelia Johannes Swalmius (1634-1694) testified to marriage conditions with Antony
January 10, 1672 sister-in-law Elisabeth Johannes Swalmius married Paulus Marcel
February 17, 1672 Jan Strick was buried
April 9, 1672 Disaster Year: Delft sent troops to help defend against the invading French army
June 12, 1672 mentor Reinier de Graaf married Maria van Dijck
June 29, 1672 Disaster Year: unemployed protestors from Schiedam occupied Delft city hall
July 8, 1672 Prince Willem III wrote to the burgemeesters of Delft that those not cooperating in repelling the enemy will be severely punished
September 10, 1672 Disaster Year: half of the Veertigraad replaced with pro-Orangist regents
September 10, 1672 Prince Willem III wrote to the burgemeesters of Delft concerning the naming of new regents
September 10, 1672 mentor Dr. Cornelis 's Gravesande appointed to Veertigraad
November 7, 1672 nephew Arnold Marcel (1672-1748) baptized in Dordrecht