Chronology of events

  • A date of January 1 in a given year indicates that the year is certain but the month and day are not.
  • Exceptions are public appointments to Deft's city offices, which took effect on January 1 of each year.
October 28, 1651 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek married Jennitgen (Johanna) Vosmaer
January 1, 1652 mentor William Davidson remarried and moved to Nieuwe Eylant
March 31, 1652 cousin Lambrecht Huijchs Leeuwenhoek married Adriaentgen Cornelis van Spaendonck
June 4, 1652 wife's great-uncle Elezaar Hendriks Swalmius buried
April 5, 1653 Jan (Johannes) Reijniers Vermeer married Catharina Bolnes
April 9, 1653 cousin Lambrecht's son Anthonij Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek (1653-1671) baptized
May 5, 1653 Got power of attorney for William Davidson during first Anglo-Dutch war (1652-54)
November 23, 1653 cousin Magdaleentje (Helena) Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1653-1720) baptized
July 29, 1654 Married Barbara de Meij
October 12, 1654 Delft Thunderclap: fire following explosion killed 1200 people and destroyed much of Delft
January 1, 1655 cousin Abraham's son Pieter Abrahams Hogenhouck (-1679) appointed magistrate
January 1, 1655 Paid his entry fee to the Sint Nicolaas Gilde
January 24, 1655 Jan Strick appointed camerbewaarder of the magistrate's chamber
February 16, 1655 Bought the house and shop on the west side of the Hippolytusbuurt
March 17, 1655 sister Catharina Philips Leeuwenhoek (1637- after 1684) married Claes Jans van Leeuwen
April 25, 1655 nephew Jacob Jans de Molijn baptized
May 7, 1655 Made mortgage payment (first of eight) on the Gouden Hoofd
May 11, 1655 Inherited property on Oosteinde from first wife Barbara de Meij's family
June 21, 1655 mentor Cornelis 's Gravesande graduated from medical school
September 15, 1655 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (first so named) baptized
March 20, 1656 cousin Cornelis Maertens Hogenhouck buried in Oude Kerk
June 18, 1656 nephew Anthonij Jans de Molijn (1656-1729) baptized, witnessed by Antony
September 24, 1656 daughter Maria Thonis Leeuwenhoek (1656-1745) baptized
November 10, 1656 cousin Maria Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1656-1717) baptized
December 26, 1656 Jan Strick, camerbewaarder of the magistrates' chamber, received a raise of 19 guilders
February 8, 1657 cousin Russje Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek (1657-1746) baptized
February 26, 1658 mother Margrietke and step-father Jacob Molijn testified for a legal action by Johan Strick
February 27, 1658 mentor Dr. Cornelis 's Gravesande married Sara Ipelaer
September 1, 1658 Registered as a member of the Hervormde Gemeente Delft (Reformed Church in Delft)
September 29, 1658 daughter Margriete Thonis Leeuwenhoek baptized, then buried a week later
December 19, 1659 Issued receipts to two nephews for dry goods
January 24, 1660 Received payment from city for duties with magistrate's court
January 28, 1660 co-worker Daniel Bogaert married Annetge Willems van Schie
March 26, 1660 Appointed official of city magistrate's court
September 14, 1660 Compensated by city for expenses building wing for trash collection
October 17, 1660 cousin Jannitgen Huijchs Leeuwenhoek (1633-1681) married Lucas Pieters van Kessel
January 1, 1661 father-in-law Johannes Swalmius buried
January 23, 1661 niece Geertruijt Jans de Molijn (1661-1736) baptized, witnessed by Antony and Barbara
January 24, 1661 Official due date of his annual payment from the city for his duties with the magistrate's court
March 26, 1661 mentor Dr. Cornelis 's Gravesande appointed City anatomist
April 28, 1661 Recieved payment for his duties with the magistrates' court
June 8, 1661 mentor Dr. Cornelis 's Gravesande married Agatha van Schagen
December 18, 1661 cousin Margrieta Maertens Leeuwenhoek baptized
December 30, 1661 Received a raise from the mayors for his duties with the magistrates' court
January 13, 1662 aunt Annetje Jacobs van den Berch died, leaving money to Antony
January 24, 1662 Official due date of his salary from the city for his duties with the magistrate's court
July 2, 1662 cousin Adriaen Lambrechts Leeuwenhoek (1662-1739) baptized
October 23, 1662 Made will in which he and wife Barbara named each other universal heirs
October 29, 1662 cousin Petronella Johans Strick baptized, witnessed by Antony
January 1, 1663 Christiaen Anhaltin's School-Boeck van de Wyn-Royeryen published
January 25, 1663 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (second) baptized
April 25, 1663 brother-in-law Adriaan Johannes Swalmius (1631-1667) married Margrieta van der Burch
July 2, 1663 Christiaan Huygens elected member of the Royal Society
August 1, 1663 Christiaan Huygens received letter from Gutschoven about how to grind small lenses
January 1, 1664 cousin Maerten Huijchs Leeuwenhoek appointed tax farmer
February 19, 1664 cousin Sara Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1664-1693) baptized
May 11, 1664 nephew Johannes Adriaans Swalmius (1664-1693) baptized
June 25, 1664 Bought a garden outside the walls of the city
August 19, 1664 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (third) baptized
September 3, 1664 mother Margriete Jacobs van den Berch (1594-1664) buried in Oude Kerk
September 29, 1664 Owed for store goods by the estate of Elizabeth Cornelis
November 25, 1664 Received a legacy from the estate of great-aunt Aaltge Sebastiaans van den Berch
July 13, 1665 Appointed guardian of second cousin Maria van Halmael
September 1, 1665 Robert Hooke's Micrographia published
January 1, 1666 mentor Reinier de Graaf (1641-1673) moved to Delft
January 1, 1666 Bought a garden outside the walls of the city
May 28, 1666 cousin Elisabeth Maertens Leeuwenhoek (1666-1743) baptized
June 27, 1666 son Philips Leeuwenhoek (third) buried in Oude Kerk
July 14, 1666 wife Barbara de Meij buried in Oude Kerk
October 10, 1666 Appointed district supervisor (wijkmeester generaal)