Public Buildings in Delft - public property



small square between Leeuwenhoek's house and the Markt

Doele and Anatomy

east side of the Verwersdijk

Gates in Delft's Wall

Haagpoort and Wateringsepoort

in the city's wall, the northwest corner where the Vliet entered the city


in the city's east wall at the end of Vlamingstraat in the long stretch between the Haagpoort and the Oostpoort.

Nieuwe Kerk

east side of Marktplein


in the city wall on the southeast corner at the end of the Oosteinde canal at the northern terminus of the Pijnackervaart.

Oude Kerk

Between the city's two oldest canals, the Oude Delft and the Nieuwe Delft, across from the Prinsenhof.

Rotterdamse Poort and Schiedamse Poort

in the city's south wall near the southwest corner, where the Schie begins


in the west city wall just north of the Waterslootsepoort

Stadhuis (City Hall)

west side of Marktplein

Towers in the northern and eastern walls

Towers in the southern wall

Towers in the western wall


west side of Marktplein behind the Stadhuis

Waterslootse Poort

The main gate in the city's west wall

Waterways and Bridges