Adriane Maartens Leeuwenhoek

Other name: 
cousin Lambrecht's granddaughter
Birth or Baptism date: 
April 16, 1691
Death or Burial date: 
May 27, 1767

She owned D0508 now Oude Delft 97 with her sister and brother. The three also owned A0129 now Buitenwatersloot 214 and A0130, A0131 now Buitenwatersloot 218 (216 is a garden or storage).

ORA 285 folio 71v1 notes:

"Noortsijde vande Buijtewatersloot beginnende aende kickert ofte planck leggende tegensover de bonte pael"

North side of the Buitenwatersloot beginning at the kickert or board lying over against the colored pole